Nightingale Nursing at LoveStrong Wellness
16935 W. Bernardo Dr. Suite 140
San Diego, Ca 92127
Ph: 858-224-3591 (for voicemail only)


I-15 towards Rancho Bernardo
Exit and head West on Rancho Bernardo Rd.
Turn left on W. Bernardo Dr.

Turn left into Rancho Bernardo Courtyard main gate.
At the end of the driveway, turn to park in either the north or south lot.

Once Parked:

Enter the courtyard where you see the fountain.
When you approach the fountain, look to see doors to the East and West Lobby.
Approach the East Lobby door but do not enter here.
Once in front of the East Lobby doors, turn to your right.
You will see glass double doors in the corner at the end of the walkway.
Head on down.  You’ll see the LoveStrong Wellness sign through the doors.
Come on in!

Nightingale Baby is part of LoveStrong Wellness, a group of professionals dedicated to pregnancy, postpartum care in addition to women’s and family health.

If you have difficulty finding the location, please feel free to call or text once you’re at the fountain and I will be happy to meet you there and escort you in.